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KUTCHINA’s modular kitchens are designed with the main aim to ensure a well-organised, practical, and highly functional kitchen space that also allow easy accessibility and increased freedom to move around comfortably when you’re cooking. So you spend less time cooking your meals and more time enjoying them!


KUTCHINA Provides a New Identity for Your Kitchen With our amazing range of modular kitchens, you have endless ways to personalise your new kitchen according to your taste and specific requirements. Everything, right from measurements to design and installation, is customised by our kitchen specialists who will walk you through the whole process to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.


By far, the most common design in modern Indian kitchens, this type of kitchen utilises two adjoining walls of the kitchen that meet each other perpendicularly. This is why the L-shape kitchen provides a continuous working platform, allowing for a convenient and easy movement along the work areas, without any clutter or hindrance.


The most important benefit of a G-shaped kitchen design is its virtually unlimited storage space. While this type of kitchen design is pretty much similar to the U-shaped kitchen, it’s bigger in space and more practical when it comes to optimally utilising a big kitchen area.


The star feature of a U-shaped kitchen design lies in its ability to provide unrestricted kitchen working traffic along with three walls of storage and a huge counter space. The three sides of the design can each be dedicated to a specific function — cooking and prepping meals, cleaning up, and storage.


Island kitchens are typically designed with a centrally placed countertop that’s unattached to the main kitchen area. And since, this kitchen area is easily accessible from all sides, an island layout adds to the functionality of a kitchen, providing ease of movement and unhindered work traffic.


The most compact of all kitchen layouts, a straight kitchen is a single-wall composition where all the storage, cooking and cleaning areas are designed along a single wall. Being a single-walled unit, straight kitchens consume less space yet provide great functionality and convenience without letting you feel the space crunch.


TThe gallery-shaped or parallel kitchen typically divides the kitchen into two parallel counters that can be used for two distinct purposes — operating area and storage area. The main platform can be used for cleaning, prepping, and cooking,

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